Two friends are up to an adventure.
Where did the idea come from?

In 2018 Carsten and his wife Doris did a trip from Hamburg, Germany all the way to Mongolia. Carsten loves the adventure at all and it occured to him to go a bit further to Australia where his daughter lives.

It was not easy to find someone who was as adventures as he was to join his trip.
In March 2019 while Susann and me were camping with Carsten and his wife in Levern he asked me if I would like to join his trip. In the first instance I was very surprised as I had never thought about doing a big trip like this. He responded with asking me if I could maybe do the research and planning for the trip. Carsten believed in me. It didn’t take long for me to commit to doing the research and planning. As soon as I got home I started to do lots of research.

Carsten has already bought a little used motor home which just needed to be picked up.

On Thursday afternoon I got a call from Carsten as he just picked up the motor home “KUMPEL” (the vans name). He wanted to stop by to show us the home for the big trip. During dinner at an Italian Restaurant we exchanged the first researches about the trip. He didn’t stop asking if I would be keen to join him. My wife Susann just said that this would be my decision as we would be able to organize the rest (we are moving houses during the time). My response to Carsten was that I will have a think about it and let him know.

I didn’t really sleep well that night … During breakfast time Susann and me discussed a fair few things.

Carsten rang again this morning and made me an offer. This was that convincing that I started to think about it a bit more. I had a chat to my family about it who was very supportive: do it!

After 14 days I finally made my mind up ‘I’m in’.

‘We are on the road to Australia together.’
On October 21st we started…