Aid Program ‘Arms for Mummy’

We, Carsten and Manni, would like to pass something on.

It’s our wish to give something back to

those who aren’t as lucky as we.

We got in contact with the Organisation ‘Schicksale, die zu Herzen gehen e.V.’ who is trying to bring happiness and hope

back into the life of Anna.

Arms for Mum – A fundraiser

for a young fighter Anna from Lübeck, Germany, the mother of Mia. We would like to raise awareness for this young family who is battling through tough times.

The life of the little family changed dramatically. On the 01.02.2019 Anna got diagnosed with severe ‘Meningitis’. Severe sepsis was the result.

For weeks they were worried about the young mothers life but she didn’t stop fighting. Unfortunately as a consequence of this disease they had to amputate both arms and legs.

‘You know, Mummy
when I was little
you fed me.

Now I am feeding you.’

— Mia —

In this short period of time everything changed for this young family. Instead of enjoying their lives they have to figure out how they can live their life as ‘normal’ as possible. Every day routines that people take for granted like brushing teeth, drinking water and eating are not as easy as they seem anymore.

If we could raise 50.000 € it would be enough

Mia, Anna's daugther, is asking everyone for

a little donation so she can hopefully one day receive a hug from her mum.

for one arm for Anna.

We can reach the goal together!

How can I help?

Every Cent counts.

You would like to help Anna?
Please click here for more information.

How can my company help?

Many paths for one goal.

How can my company help? What we offer, what we do.