Organization ‘Schicksale, die zu Herzen gehen'

The organization ‘Schicksale die zu Herzen gehen e.V’ is trying to help traumatised kids and their parents. They are doing their absolute best to bring happiness and hope into those lives.

We hope that we can reach a lot of people that are happy to support us. There are different fundraising events organized.

“Schicksale die zu Herzen gehen e.V.”

The organization was founded by Dr Angela Langholz in 1993. It was her intention to help families that had to go through very bad times.

The government is not supporting those cases as much as they used to.

Every single family member is suffering physically, financially and mentally.

The health insurance companies do not have enough funding to support those families in need either.

Our vision is to support those families financially.

Also we try to help with everything the family need besides money.

Our main aim is to bring a tiny bit of happiness in those sad lives e.g

  • Clowns and magicians at kids birthdays
  • Visit from a famous person
  • special medical treatments
  • special therapeutic treatments

The organization would like to build a dream house where Angela Langholz would like to help those families.

But unfortunately there are not enough founds for such a house.

From her daily work as a psychotraumaologist, Dr. Angela Langholz sees again and again how difficult it is to get a therapy place for children, but also for their family members.

For this reason, it is a matter of the heart to realize this project dream house.

This project is a model because a similar facility does not exist at the federal level.

Due to the economic crisis, it is extremely difficult to set up such a necessary therapy facility.

So far, we have generated our financial resources from donations, events (SG-Weiche Handewitt, THW-Kiel, Radio Welle Nord, Phantom der Oper etc.) and the sale of marzipan hearts.

In order to implement the new goals of our association, we need a broader media presence.

For this we need sponsors or patrons who can personally identify with such an idea and are therefore also willing to present themselves to the public with the association.

Frau Dr. Angela Langholz (psychotraumatologist)
Herr Dr. Dirk-Uwe Clausen (diploma businessman)

Donations account

Schicksale die zu Herzen gehen e.V.
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Fundraier: Arms for Mummy