''Arms for Mum'' -
this is our goal!

One arm costs more than 50.000 €. Two arms almost 100.000€.
Mia, Anna’s daugther, is asking everyone for a little donation so she can hopefully one day receive a hug from her mum.

Every cent helps.
Together we can reach the goal.


Carsten Schwenn – Fundraiser
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purpose of transfer: Arms for Mummy

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Schicksale die zu Herzen gehen e.V.
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Nord Ostsee Sparkasse
Fundraier: Arms for Mummy
-mit Spendenbescheinigung-

The goal for Anna is to live her life
to resume normal.
Because of these circumstances, it’s just possible
if they’re enough finicial aids.

Anna would like to say something important:

We, Carsten Schwenn and Manni Kaspers, promise that
100% of the donation will go straight to Anna.
nothing is used for own purposes.